Friday, June 22, 2012

As Time Goes By, Are We Changing?

Salam Jumaat everyone..Hope we all are always improving our 'ibadah toward the Al-Mighty Creator. And maybe my entry today can be like some kind of "tazkirah" for all of us. ;-) Just something to make us think.

Okay, the first computer I ever touch was when i was 9. That's about 15 years ago. I remember that because my mom bought it as a present for my eldest brother, because he got straight A's in his UPSR (when he was 12). But we all use it together, even though there was not much to use it for (except we use it to play games). Huh, we all was just so excited because it was something new. Although, it's just an ordinary old fashion desktop at the time, no speaker, no sound and of course no internet connection. I remember I got so happy to watch the beautiful colorful screen saver even, and trust me, i just waited in front of the computer to watched the screen saver and played with the mouse for hours.  

And then, my first handphone ever was when i was 15, I think. It was an old Nokia phone that's actually kind of big in size. And I even bought a used one from a friend. Actually I don't know why I bought it in the first place, because it's actually not a necessary thing for me at that time. Most of my friends don't even have cellphone. So, what I was gonna use it for? Then, not long after that, I change my cellphone to another old Nokia phone that's practically the same.

I think not long after that, I got jealous of my friend who had this brand new phone with "color screen" and "polyphonic" ringtone. I was so amazed by all the cool games that was supported on that phone, which obviously not supported in my stupid cellphone with grey and white screen. So, I begged my mom to buy a new phone for me which of course not easily granted. Only after my PMR examination (when i was 16), which i managed to get quite a lot of A's, and also because i got some money during that year HARI RAYA,  so I managed to buy a new cellphone that has color screen and polyphonic ringtone.( It was Nokia phone, but i forgot how it looked like and what model it was.)

Then, guess what, I got bored already after using it for a month. Maybe because the phone that I owned was a little low leveled than my friend's. So, it didn't support a lot of cool games like my friend's.

Maybe when i was 17, people start to show off  this new phones with real tones. I mean MP3 tones that of course trumped polyphonic tone, made me look at my own phone disgustingly. Haha!!!

But  of course, I managed to get a new phone after that that, which has real MP3 tone. But I was so dumb at that time because the phone didn't even able to play a whole MP3 song which usually 3 to 5 minutes long. it only played for not longer than 10 seconds I think, and it will repeat itself over and over again. Because it didn't has external memory card. It was Motorola, and i forgot how it looked and what model it was also.

I used the Motorola phone for a while until 4 years ago, my mom bought me a new phone because I was going to study in Egypt. so she bought it as a present for me.

It's Nokia, it's crooked, it has an external memory card and of course, it can play MP3 songs for a whole song. I finally smiled with satisfaction... (yeah right)... And oh. it can surf internet too. Haha.
Also, not to mention, my sister bought me a new laptop for me as a present. That was the first time ever i own a laptop of course, 4 years ago. A new phone which can play MP3, and a laptop. I thought that was as lucky as I can get.

#Then, I got to know this person, which turn out not a very good person, then I sold my laptop, then, I live alone,--------------------------------------------------------------long story short, last year, I bought this new Laptop that I am using now, also know how expensive it was (ehem).. And last 2 months, I bought a new phone, which is touchscreen and so modern it will make your head spin. (If you was a cave person of course).

It is a Samsung Galaxy S phone. It got this feature almost like Iphone.

And yes, I don't even know about Ipad until 2 years ago let alone to see one. Now we can see their third generation already. All of them. Samsung Galaxy S (1-3), Ipad (1-3), and I think for Iphone, we are waiting for it's fifth brother now.

I am sure all of you are wondering, what is the big talk "tazkirah" that I mentioned before.. What with all this gibberish talk about phones and computer about?


Don't it ever came to your mind that time around us are moving so fast? That there are so many things that changed but yet we never noticed or care.

Wasn't 15 years ago, the most advanced thing that exist inside our house was a television? Maybe a black and white TV. Or maybe even a radio. There was a time that we don't even know about "internet". Let alone how to use it or even need it. And it's fine for us to live like that at the time.

The thing is, the world is changing so much that almost impossible for us to know how it happened.

From an old Nokia phone with monophonic ringtone and black and white screen-to polyphonic ringtone- to color screen and real MP3 ringtone-to touch screen and internet access- ALL OF THIS. How it's happened? Who's responsible for all of this and do we actually care? Yeah that's what I think. We don't even know,  and of course we don't care. That's how most of us are.

World are changed so much. Technology are evolving everyday. The real question is, HOW MUCH DID WE CHANGE?

We actually live in a luxurious live, because everything is ready for us to use. We just need to buy them. And also we are the most fool one, everything we use and we have, are actually made by others and we don't have the slightest idea about it. So, where can we put ourselves in this whole thing?  

The main Idea that I am pushing here is, there are maybe a single person out there who's responsible for creating polyphonic ringtone from monophonic ringtone.Also there are a single person out there who were able to change a grey and white screen into a color screen. Also, there are a single person out there who can change an ordinary cellphone into a touchscreen one. That's mean, there are a single person out there who managed to change what they do and good at it into a better one. THEY CHANGED SOMETHING TO BE BETTER. They changed their mind to be better and their knowledge to be better. And they are becoming better and better in what they do BECAUSE THEY CAN !! Human can CHANGE. So human can change to be better. So that's mean, WE CAN CHANGE!!!!

And still the question before, HOW MUCH DID WE CHANGE?

Am i reach your brain yet?

Then again, lets think for a moment about ourselves. Time is always moving. We are getting older and older. But how much do we change? Are we changing? If we do, are we changing into better? We need to change guys. trust me.Or we will be left behind.

No one gonna change us except ourselves. lets do at least ONE different thing everyday. For example, if we use our right hand to brush our teeth today, lets use our left hand tomorrow. So, maybe we can trigger our mind to change as well, into a better tomorrow. Lets think differently.

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