Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something Great In Life

Assalamualaikum and hello...

Everything is moving a little bit slow for me at this moment, because I've been trapped by this exam period that actually not gonna last for much longer. My exam for hardcore subjects just gonna take several more of my days and then I'll be free... Yayyy!!!!

I just want to write this entry, because I've been inspired recently, about what should I do, what should I expect, and what should I take action of in my life... You know what, not just my life, but in all of our life. This inspiration just came to me when I was doing my daily hobbies. (watching drama series, korean variety show, movies ect...) AND ON TOP OF THAT, we just need a pinch of concern about where are we heading in our life, and a little thirst of searching for reasons, and a little hunger to prove our ability. Then BAMM!! You are inspired... Doesn't matter if your daily life are busy about maybe, I dont know, shopping, or cooking, or play sport, or work out, or play games or whatever... you just need to use your head and care.

Okay, let me explain to you...

What strike me the most is, how can we use a significant period of our life to do something REALLY meaningful for us to remember for the rest of our life? That is the question here...

I am talking about a significant period of time that we give our concentrated commitment to do something great. For us and for other people who care. (Ah, I just made myself confused)

Okay, simple example...

You know Phoebe right? I talked about phoebe earlier on this blog. Phoebe was one of my favorite character in the popular comedy series "FRIENDS", played by Lisa Kudrow. Okay, my point is, Lisa along with 5 other actors just gave 10 years of their life to play in the series. And the result is they became legends. Everybody know them. They gain so much...( I am not talking about their fortune earning, that is not my main point, that is just bonus) I am talking about what they give to the people who watch, they learn, they shared so much. They even bonded with us, they made us addicted to watch them even the series ended years ago. They made us love them.

And to think about it, it is great how they spent about, every week together, they bonded with each other, they bonded with viewers, for 10 years! Yeah. 10 years. Make me feel like a big balloon getting bigger and bigger in my chest just to think about it. IT IS GREAT. They did something great. Even if you want to deny it, it does't matter because it's proven.

Same thing if we think about Harry Potter, the movies and the books. When J.K. Rowling start to write the first novel, she might never expected that she will become this multi-millionaire, this super rich women, that is so rich, that "can buys helicopters like we buy oranges" kind of rich. Maybe she just wanted some extra income at first, maybe she was jobless at the time. But when she got the opportunity, she gave her best, her time, and her commitment to it. Then this movie was born, and I personally think that Daniel Radcliffe became so successful because of what she has triggered first. And that was about 7 to 8 years work from J.K. and people behind her and also Harry Potter crews.
Do you know about Korean Variety shows: Family Outing? People actually cried when the last episode ended. That's because people already became part of the show. We watched them meet in every two weeks, they camped in one night and they do these activities that unique and entertaining. And that went for about, I think, over 2 years. It's like we know them.. Right? I hope at this point you guys can actually feel exactly what i feel about this. I hope you guys understand.

All I want to say is, we should be inspired, to do something GREAT in our life. We should think GREAT and take action. I am 24, and I am actually kind of late for this inspiration I think, but still better than never.
That is mean I need to act now.

I told you about my book, right? and still I got some other things on my sleeve, like this blog, and my youtube channel, and still several more that i don't want to brag here. The thing is, you should do something in your life. Don't let it be a waste. Try to make whatever you like to do to become something meaningful. Something you can learn from, you can enjoy and give benefit to others. If you like to travel, GO! DO IT! Maybe then you can learn about the language of the place you went or you wanna go. Do some research about the country, take some beautiful pictures, write a book or journal about it., share with others. You might even earn some money from it. And trust me, there is no word to describe how liberating you feel when someday, you can tell your child and grandchild about it, and inspire them and others.

It's applied to anything you like. People became famous for climbing Everest for crying out loud!!! For swimming across the sea. It's all start with a little hobby. Then turn it into passion, then turn it into life. Not to mention, people famous for blogging!!!! Yeah... Blogging... How hard could that be?

Whatever it is, don't easily give up. Try to use your life to the fullest. Or may be like i said, use a significant period of your life to the fullest, to do something GREAT, something meaningful, something you can look back and smile with the happiest heart for the rest of your life.

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